Sunday, September 11, 2005

As the day closes on September 11, I just was thinking about how life has changed in the last four years. Can you believe it has been that long? Today, PM and I were driving home from his parents and we saw several fire engines at a local store in Chandler. Out of the business doors came three suited up and masked fire fighters and I thought, "Wow, it is so awesome to know that Americans still have heros." I am so proud of them and how they protect and serve others. So I just thought I would offer a prayer today considering its significance on our lives. Lord, please protect our country. Please protect the policemen and fire fighters and all other branches that serve us. Keep them safe. Please give our leaders wisdom and clear guidance. Please bring safety to our nation and world and help all mankind to live in peace and love. Soften hearts to receive You. And above all let all glory be Yours. Amen.

So tomorrow I start teaching a class on knitting and crotching. Well lets just say that I am pretty nervous, considering I have never taught anyone how to do these things. Well not anyone besides family and just for fun. I guess that is how I have to look at this class as well. They are just family--my sisters in Christ. And it is just for fun. A time of fellowship and laughter. So please pray that God will be there, mixed in with us and smiling down on our efforts.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Family. That is what I am thinking about today. The husbands side is having a family reunion this weekend and last night he and I were at his brother's house getting ready. We are putting together a slide show of old/new family photos set to music. It was so amazing to see just how beautiful all the people were. We had a good time talking about the memories we have made together and also it was fun to hear PM and his brother remembering old times. PM's dad was there too and he was awesome at giving some family history as well. I could not believe how drawn in I was to these people and times and even experiences. Most of them I didn't even experience myself, but I was enthralled by them, because they are a part of who makes up my children. I can even see them in my children. My husband's mother was absolutely beautiful and I feel especially drawn to her. Maybe because I think I would have been really good friends with her. I believe this because I am really close to my mother-in-law. She has often been more of a "mom" to me than my own. She is a true and geniune person and she loves me despite myself. I can't wait to watch all the other family members as they watch the show and hear their stories and memories. The oohs and aahs as pictures of babies being born, weddings taking place, family gatherings, and pictures of those who have already gone "home" roll by make my soul happy and my face smile. May God continue to bless this family, in ways they cannot even imagine. Make their homes happy, their marriages strong and their eyes focused on You Lord. Thank you for how they have embraced me and loved me. May my children make them smile this weekend as they see themselves in them and especially You in them.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

O.K. I could not let too many days go by before I wrote again, so..... It is just a little after midnight and here I am. Pondering thoughts to write about. How about this instead. I just sent group application out for a mission trip this summer, and completed paper mache' a pinata for an upcoming family reunion. I am too tired to produce anything deep. But as I start to head to dreamland I pray all my friend are at peace tonight. Loving God. loving each other.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

O.K. if you would like to comment on the last two posts, please do it on this one because I was receiving comments that were advertisments. I guess if you don't blog for awhile that is what happens. haha

These past few months have been a whirlwind for me. Starting in June, nine of us went to Missouri to serve the Lord at Camp Barnabas. Camp Barnabas is a special needs camp for adults and children. Check it out at this address-

Camp Barabas

God really showed me a lot at this camp. I was a counselor for a woman who had multiple delays. She was 34 years old, but only had the mental capacity of a four year old. I really loved her- she was so beautiful and had such a passion for the Lord. However---- she did not share the same feelings for me. Sad I know, but true...very true. In fact to say that she strongly disliked me is an understatement. Oh well, as with all trials in life, if you look beyond the immediate situation and look instead to how God is stretching you and teaching you, you will find Him. I realized that I really did love this woman. And even more, each day the more she was firm in her dislike toward me, I truly was more resolved in wanting to show her the love I had for her. I woke up one morning and the TRUTH was so clear to me. This relationship mirrored so much our relationship with God. Every morning we wake up God is there declaring his love and a lot of the time we are too focused on ourselves and we turn our backs on the very one who loves us most. So today my prayer is this- turn to the Christ and love him truly today. With your whole heart, soul, mind and spirit!

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I didn't want a year to go by without a post so here I am a few days early. I guess I am just making the deadline.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I am making a blanket for the husband. And I am totally loving doing it. It makes me so happy to serve him in this way. And it is awesome to know that I am making something that I know that he wants and will totally love. So I wonder how am I serving my Lord? Am I doing something that I know He wants and that He will totally love? Am I as happy serving Him as I am making this blanket? As I am contemplating this, I look over at my children, content and at the moment peaceful. Are they the service God has called me to? Do I love serving God by serving my family? Is He happy with the outcome so far? I have made mistakes along the way, but the blanket has some mistakes as well. Someone once told me that a project that has a few mistakes is a project that has character. In fact, she told me that the Amish have gotten so good at making quilts that they purposely make a mistake because they believe that only God is perfect and that as humans we will always have some flaw in what we do. I have a hard time with this idea because, well honestly speaking, I am a perfectionist. I have I hard time with not doing everything just right. I have a hard time seeing and making the mistakes. I do realize that they are there however, no matter how hard I try. And as I take a look at this blanket (mistakes included) it totally rocks! It is beautiful and I am proud of the gift it will be to my husband. It does have character and so do the attempts I make at serving my King. I am proud of the continuing project my family is and hope that God is happy at my service.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Time with the Lord. Lately, thankfully, I have been able to spend time with Him. Whenever I do I wonder what would ever tear me away from this experience and then somehow I find myself not spending time with Him. Lots of reasoning happens then until I find myself at a hard and desperate place once again. This time has been different. I began in a happy place just wanting to have relationship with my Lord. I have a new bible, a couple of devotional books (thanks to a wonderful husband) and a heart that desires to know my Lord. So I pray that nothing would take my passion away. Please join me in this prayer and if your not in fellowship, for whatever reason, I pray that you too would find the hunger to meet your God in a quiet place and get to know Him more.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

I am pondering something new tonight. On the way home from a trip to Flagstaff, my first grade boy asked his dad if he ever had bullies in school. WHAT? What did this question mean? So many thoughts were running through my mind all at once. Why would he ask that? now? at such a young age. And so there it was. He told us all about two fellow classmates that well...just like to hit him and in the cafeteria try to make him drop his food. Instantly my mom fangs wanted to come out and call up the moms of these two boys. But you know as disturbing as it is to hear that after one week of first grade, my young son has this to deal with, the hubby and I were impressed by his reaction to the boys. He said that he just ignored them until they would stop and then one other time he told them it felt like they were tickling him so as to make a joke of it. Good news is he seems to not be scared or bummed, he just felt like talking about it. I guess that is a blessing- he did come and want to share with his dad and I. So anyway I suppose we have another request on our list of prayers for Noah.

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